Branding Your Business: Interior Decor

As a small business owner you must protect your brand. Everything you say, do or send affects your brand image. Then, there are the unspoken things that contribute to your brand image. Your interior furnishings can make or break your brand too. My five tips will help you strengthen your brand by taking an honest look at your interior décor.

My five tips for branding your business with your interior décor.

1. Review – I challenge you to visit several businesses that you respect and want to emulate. Next return to your business and look at it with a fresh set of eyes. What is your impression? Is it dirty, dusty or cluttered? Are the furnishings tired and worn? Does the layout flow and provide the best use of space and employee mission accomplishment?

2. Eliminate – make three piles – toss, donate or keep. Your goal is to eliminate the clutter, toss out the nonworking items and trash, and donate things that are work but you do not need or have not used in a very long time. Toss all magazines in the reception area that are torn, wrinkled or contain food and coffee splatters.

3. Replace – replace the items that are worn and tired looking. This includes draperies, chairs, coffee tables, coffee station, magazine rack and office equipment. This may require you to prepare a budget so you can replace the larger ticket items without breaking the bank.

4. Clean – when was the last time you had your carpets professionally steam cleaned? What about the drapes and upholstery? Do you clean your baseboards and dust your ceiling fans weekly? Do not forget to dust off your display merchandise. Notice the items you don’t think others notice like the copy machine, printer, receptionist desk and your coffee station. I bet they make you say “gross”.

5. Refresh – when was the last time you changed your merchandise display? When was the last time you updated the accessories and furnishings in your business? In this category I would also say apply a fresh coat of paint to your interior; paint is a very inexpensive decorating option.

When your business interior looks old and tired your customers and clients will immediately believe that your business skills, products and services are old and outdated too. They will not want to pay a premium price for your premium services or products. Your interior décor must represent your business brand in the most favorable manner. Do not scrimp on your interior image.

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Impact of Laminates on Home Furnishings

Before we dive into the impact of laminate on home furnishings, let us first grasp the true essence of what makes a laminate. Laminate is nothing but an extremely thin plastic sheet created by soaking two to three different kinds of paper in resin. The end product can be used as a layer of coating on almost all materials. Though more popular with furniture items, its use on curtains and sofa coverings is increasing day-by-day. The reasons are its impact on enhancing the designability, durability, and longevity of home furnishings.

Designability – The dictionary would have us use two words – design and ability, but every designer knows that ability of a design to stand the wear and tear of usage adds to it designability. Since the process of lamination delays fraying of edges and seams, it will enable designers and homeowners to give flight to their imagination. Its impact on home furnishing will be felt in décor demands as customers clamor for truly unique finishes and designs.

Durability – The durability of interior furnishing products is bound to increase as lamination makes them scratch and stain proof. Customers can relax, enjoy and not tense up as kids run their toy cars over a favorite cushion or best friends spill wine on the new sofa. After all, each item of the home is bought with love and hard-earned money. Laminate coverings will make it easy to clean stains and spills. Since each item can be easily maintained, it will enhance the durability of prized possessions.

Longevity – Indians are famous for covering everything in plastic to increase its lifespan. Customers are also fraught to buy expensive furnishings for high use areas. The smart marketers and practical designers thought, “Why not cover expensive curtains or cushion/sofa covers with laminates?” A coating enhances the life of expensive home furnishings especially vintage products and recently bought luxury items. Increasing the longevity of laminate is the way forward for the industry.

The Home furnishing industry in India is dynamic, with demanding customers and lamination of home furnishing products is the new way to offer quality products. As designability, durability and longevity of the range of products increase so will the quality of products on offer and the type of demands from customers.

In conclusion, Laminates today are used as coverings for most products including the window coverings. They are the way forward for the cost-consciousness and fashion-forward people of the country.

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Ways to Furnish Your Home With Your Personal Touch

The physical structure of the house does not really make it to be called a home. Aside from the presence of your family inside the house, it is mostly the effect or feel and comfort that makes the lifeless building turn into a home. The thought of having an empty house with no furnishings is disheartening. Most people do not have any furnishing ideas and are not acquainted with house furnishing. This article will discuss the instructions on how to turn an uninteresting house into a comfortable home.

First on the list, you have to concentrate on the things that you want or do not want, like or dislike, be it the style, colors or fabrics.

Settle on a certain style that you want to be implemented in your house, whether it will be a modern, traditional, old-fashioned, contemporary, medieval, or just a casual house.

In the event that you cannot decide on what style you will prefer, purchase books or magazines that talk about interior decoration of houses. You can honestly get ideas from them so you can decide on what style you will engage in.

Then you have to select the appropriate colors you will use in furnishing your house. Go for the colors that suddenly come out of your mind every time you say or hear the word “home”. These colors will be the main elements to create a better combination of additional colors. They just have to blend with the main colors, darkened or lightened, depending on the colors you want.

Every room must be furnished based on how it will be used. The room must reflect its own specific function regarding the point of view of the user. As for an instance that you would like to combine your kitchen and dining room to maximize the space, you just have to put dining chairs and table in it.

Most of the time, when you glance out of your window, you will instantly get the idea on how you would intend to furnish your empty house. In the event that your house is located around the countryside, then you must maintain your interior furnishing and décor that matches the country mood. However, if you glance out of your window and you find a metropolitan cityscape, then the house furnishing must be contemporary.

You must select the furniture that makes you feel comfortable. Deciding for a certain style just because it is famous and fashionable is such a lame idea.

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Home Furnishing Ideas For The Modern Home

Furnishing the home can be an expensive affair and for this reason, it is important that you make the right choices when buying furnishing for your home. The art of furnishing the home is a big undertaking, but you can accomplish the goal of decorating your home beautifully without much hassle if you plan appropriately. Home furnishing requires a great deal of planning and since your home is the place where you spend a great deal of time, you should be prepared to give your undertaking a lot of time and effort.

These days, many people prefer to give their homes a modern look and feel. They try to infuse their talents and personality into their home so they can achieve a modern looking home which is at the same time attractive, comfortable and inviting. Giving your home a modern look does not have to be expensive because if you choose well, you will be able to decorate your home beautifully with inexpensive and small items as well. Moreover, you don’t even have to spend huge amounts of money on hiring an interior designer. You can very easily achieve the look you want with proper planning and research.

Apart from being a creative challenge, home furnishing should also be a fun pastime. Given below is some home furnishing ideas for the modern home.

These days, most people prefer choosing themes for their homes. Having a theme helps them decorate each individual room based on their preferred theme. Some of the popular themes which are used these days include Swedish, French, American, Victorian, Ethnic, English, etc. For example, if you have chosen Victorian theme, you can decorate your home with Victorian chairs, rugs, lamps, couches, and in earthy tones. You can search online for stores which sell Victorian themed furnishings and purchase them according to your budget.

You can also try the option of mix and match. For example, you can give an antique touch to your home with antique furnishings along with ultra-modern or ultra elegant decors.

Mirror furniture is also preferred by a large number of home owners today. If you are looking to add something more exotic to it, you can choose a number of items from silver embossed range and mix with along with white colored chateau furniture.

With so much information available on the internet, furnishing your home can be an exciting endeavor rather than a stressful task. If you combine your creativity with modern home furnishing tips gathered from various sources, you will be able to turn your furnishing project into a stunning success.

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Custom Furnishings Have the Capacity to Perfectly Fill a Niche in the Home

Spanning a broad range of roles, custom furnishings are not the exclusive mainstay palatial estates. Unique works exist for a range of budgets, and possess the artistry and quality to outshine and outlast the array of furnishings available from big box stores.

One thing that sets truly special properties apart is interior design. While it may not be difficult to create large homes, as evidenced by the ‘mcmansion’ craze that began in recent decades, interior design is the realm reserved for those with an artistic vision. While many set out to build their dream home, few adequately consider the interior furnishings that they and their guests will really see. Nothing disappoints quite like a unique exterior encapsulating the same Pottery Barn-culture that enslaves many homeowners in the bondage of sameness. In order to truly set an interior space apart, artistic homeowners are turning to custom furnishings to ensure the details of their dream look completely different from their neighbor, and that their home accurately captures their unique motivations.

While it sounds expensive to the untrained ear – custom furniture can be tailored to fit a wide range of budgets. Obviously, a gold leaf dining table sized for Louis XIV’s entire court is going to be pricey. But a unique slice of a local artisans work need not cost a year’s salary, and the improved construction quality will likely pay for itself many times over in the form of extended usable life. In today’s throw away Ikea culture, it is both refreshing and uncommon to pursue truly one-of-a-kind custom furnishings. Interior design showcasing custom furnishings serves many ends – supporting talented artisans, encouraging local design showrooms, and displaying unique personal flare.

Certain spaces demand particular furnishings to really achieve the desired effect and intention of the room. Select interior design studios can pair with local, regional, and international artisans to create special pieces and designs to perfectly compliment an intent. When quality, originality, and fit matter, custom designs strike the ideal balance of creative out-letting. Whether created to be the focal point of the room, or a piece intended for out-of-sight functionality, custom furnishings can achieve a wide ranging effect.

The idea of custom furnishing spans a very broad range of potential designs. Perhaps a spiral staircase would be best suited with a custom metal railing, or the headboard in the master bedroom would work best as a ‘cutting board’ style to match the sleepers’ culinary mastery. The sky really is the limit when commissioning custom works. Perhaps most importantly, a perspective buyer should consult with experts at a respected interior design showroom as a guide to the wide world that awaits.

In addition to the obvious joy wrought from placing a perfectly matched furnishing, a custom item often has a story as unique as the piece itself. The term conversation piece elicits feelings of rare items collected in far away lands. But relating to a local culture through its customs and creative offerings is an emotional process ripe to share with others. For some owners, the notion of creating a dream home depends largely upon what fills the space. Furnishings crafted with love and reflecting of the owner go a long way into turning a dwelling into a home.

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How Interior Design Can Transform Your Home

Interior design used to be for those who had a lot of money to spend with large budgets and large rooms to decorate and design.

However, more home owners are using an interior design service for their homes to help them achieve and individual look and feel that sets their home apart from the rest.

An interior designer will help you to achieve the perfect style and sense of decor for your home. Designers will be able to give you a wealth of ideas, and create a mood board that reflects your taste, sense of style and personal preferences.

Colour is an important factor in terms of choosing an internal designer finish. You will need to decide on what type of colour you would go for and can live with. Different colours evoke different emotions, and the fundamental interior design decision to make is the colour you prefer. There are many shades and tones of a colour once your main colour is chosen and colours can be co-ordinated with each other to bring out the desired effect. Colours can be bright and bold, or muted and be less obvious. Some bold colours can be mixed with a range of complimentary muted tones to enhance their boldness even more.

Soft furnishings are another important factor for interior design. Soft furnishings can enhance and create the perfect look for your home. There are a range of fabrics available nowadays that make selecting fabrics really exciting. There are many types of different fabrics and by choosing a mix and match of fabrics you can really differentiate your home’s look to something completely unique. Designer curtains are also important to create the right look and feel for an interior. Soft furnishings, curtains and colour can be contrasting to create a bold look, or co-ordinated to create a palette of similar tones and colours.

The good thing is there is a huge choice when it comes to choosing colour and fabrics. Lighting and flooring will also have an impact on the final look, as well as room furniture and accessories. The furniture should have an aesthetic quality combined with the decor. For instance very modern furniture would look at odds and strange combined with a very traditional or vintage-look decor. If the room being designed already has furniture that will be retained, then the colour and interior design will need to look comfortable with the existing furniture and this should be kept in mind.

If you are keeping your existing furniture, this is where soft furnishings and curtains can really help to transform your decor into a totally different look. Soft furnishings and curtains can enhance the furniture, decor and flooring. Accessories around the home that are carefully selected can also offer the finishing touches, for instance, photo frames, lamps, rugs, ornaments, candlesticks and vases. Pictures and paintings on the walls will also help to bring together an interior look. All homeowners will select the artwork that they love so it is very personal to the room.

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